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Executive Learning & Development Journey

We work with the organizations in co creating learning curriculum with a structured process of dialogue and process mapping. Each organization’s curriculum is unique as their people and business models are. Some of the core modules we use to build your curricula are:

  • 1. Enhancing interpersonal effectiveness - relating powerfully.
  • 2. Enhancing managerial effectiveness
  • 3. Creating and leading high performing teams
  • 4. Managing performance –handling feedback
  • 5. Coaching and mentoring skills for leadership
  • 6. Building trust and credibility
  • 7. Building leadership using appreciative inquiry
  • 8. Enhancing customer intimacy leading to higher C-sat
  • 9. Collaboration and team development
  • 10. Managing conflicts and difficult conversations
  • 11. Creative thinking and innovative problem solving
  • 12. Personal growth lab using psychometric instruments
  • 13. Competency based interviewing skills
  • 14. Communication, time management, situational leadership, negotiation, personal brand building, presentation

Coaching for Leaders

  • 1. Executive Coaching: The best in the world are coached. One-o-one coaching is focused at leaders to enhance their self awareness and leadership abilities. Our coaching conversations are designed after carefully considering the coachee’s context and need. These might include carefully designed, well-researched and proven inventories, instruments and conversations. People have reported enhanced relationships, collaboration and productivity at work post 6-12 months of one-o-one coaching. People have also reported this methodology useful during the transition phase of an individual or organization.
  • 2. Life Coaching: Life coaching as the name suggests covers all the facets of the leader’s life specially when one is struggling with big questions about the purpose and meaning of life, exploring the ideal career focus and source of inner confidence. By combining various methodologies including appreciative coaching, psychotherapy, life story model, Jungian’s holistic developmental framework, the coach helps the participant discover his/her core to break old patterns of behavior and design an empowering context for his/her future.
  • 3. Feedback Coaching for Leadership: Typically done in the context of an organization setting accompanied by 360 degree feedback. The purpose is to raise the awareness level of the participant to help him/her internalize the feedback and create functional ways of relating with the others raising performance standards for oneself.

Change Growth, Culture Interventions

Each intervention is unique and is organically designed for the organization carefully co-crafted by our facilitators with the client through a process of structured dialogue and deep listening.
Some case examples:

  • 1. Organizational transformation following any macro or micro level change eg. Merger, growth or any internal and external factors
  • 2. Building shared vision and values
  • 3. Appreciative inquiry summit for sustainable change
  • 4. Values deployment, employee engagement.
  • 5. Organizational assessment and 360 degree feedback

HR Consulting Solution in a ‘Box’

  • 1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing:
  • This includes talent identification, evaluating and assessing for predefined behavioral competencies, psychometric assessments, designing efficient and scientific Interview process, training on competency based interviewing skills. We also design and deliver end to end solution for induction and training of new hires for mid to large sized organizations.

  • 2. Talent engagement and ‘Leadership capacity development’ solutions:
  • This starts with a ‘sensing exercise’ to understand the training requirements and developing and delivering a learning curriculum for capacity development and enhancing productivity through a talented group of professional facilitators.

  • 3. HR outsourcing for startup and emerging companies:
  • We understand that start up companies have some unique set of group dynamics and challenges that require an intimate partnership which provides an objective perspective, deep empathy and understanding on an ongoing basis. We work with the founding members and senior leaders to articulate vision, mission and values, initiate shared culture and set up the ground for developing the desired competency framework, capacity building and creating a culture of ‘living the shared values and high performance.

  • 4. Enhancing Customer intimacy:
  • We offer interventions to enhance the effectiveness of customer relationships increasing customer satisfaction and all customer related matrices which ultimately impact business results. The scope of the interventions generally encompasses working with real teams for process mapping, redesigning, skill building, coaching and measurement of pre-defined matrices.

Large scale interventions & Keynote speaking

  • 1. Building appreciative cultures
  • 2. Appreciative inquiry summit
  • 3. Enhancing customer intimacy
  • 4. Building collaborative teams
  • 5. Diversity and inclusion
  • 6. Change management

Open public programs

  • 1. Building appreciative leadership
  • 2. Customer relationship skills
  • 3. Team skills using MBTI and FACET 5
  • 4. Managing change