Idam Learning completes 10 years!

70 clients, 7 countries, 20 nationalities, 12000 participants.

It seems like we have come a long way.

It also seems like we have a long way to go. There is so much more to do and learn.

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Facilitate Change For Growth

Organizational tranformation means changing the mindsets at individual level, behaviour change at the group level and process change at the system level.

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Leadership Skill Building

Leader development is a process for leaders to expand their awareness about themselves continually. It is about continuous sharpening of their strengths, their convictions and careers.

It is about being authentic and being open to learning and changing.

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Culture Building

Culture can be a huge enabler of performance and quite the opposite, if not done right.

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Message From The Founder

We complete ten years in 2016. This is a moment to thank all our clients, learning partners, friends who trusted us and partnered with us in their learning and change journey. We got enriched with our partnership and kept growing from strength to strength with every transformational experience. Every workshop, big or small, every coaching experience whether it was group or individual helped us reflect internally, sharpening our understanding about behaviour change thus enriching our resources.

We learnt that while a handful of committed driven individuals can impact change, at the same time for a sustainable change and culture building to happen in an organization, the whole system has to be aligned and engaged.

As a result we have redesigned our curriculum and approach that integrates this learning, needless to say ongoing development and improvement is a continuous process at Idam Learning.

Grateful to all our network associates and team members for being a part of this journey. We are excited about the road ahead.

Uma Arora

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